Proper Body Care Is Essential To Reduce The Effects Of Back Pain

Back pain is commonly seen among most of us, especially those sitting in an office for an extended period. This is mainly because they hardly take care of or sit in a proper posture. So consistently practising this thing will lead to back shoulder blade pain (ปวดสะบักร้าวลงแขน, which is the term in Thai). So today, in this article, we will discuss this pain and what remedies need to be taken to end it altogether.

What Is Its Cause?

Our shoulder area has a triangular-shaped bone, so there is a left and right side to it. There is a difference when a patient refers to back pain and shoulder pain. Now, there are various reasons which can lead to this excruciating pain because of muscle sometimes, continuous pressure on a particular muscle leads to stiffness, and this causes pain. Moreover, other additional health problems also cause pain. But the most essential is sitting in a slouch position continuously, resulting in severe back pain.

How To Prevent This?

So many of us are reluctant enough to wake up early enough for the exercises. Everyday exercise will provide lots of comfort rather than having back shoulder blade pain. So, lack of exercise leads to extreme pain. Similarly, we must not lift heavy things by bending ourselves after a certain age. There is a proper technique to lift it and sit properly in the chair while working in the office. Not only through exercise but also we need to consume the proper nutrients to help us get strong.

There are symptoms like the muscles getting stiffened or a contraction, which results in inflammation, which will cause pain. Sometimes, the pain becomes so severe that it makes us uncomfortable, and we can’t breathe properly. When you are trying to wake up, it’s hard to get up smoothly due to this pain. So this is mainly caused by some problem in the shoulder muscle.


So, it’s better to consult a doctor immediately if you are feeling pain for a prolonged period. It happens while exercising; lifting too heavy can damage a few back muscles. So, before doing so, consult your trainer to avoid consequences. Severity can be avoided by consulting a proper physician on time. The doctor will run a few tests and help them with proper medications to minimise its effect. Otherwise, they will refer to physiotherapy treatment, which will help the patients to get cured within 1 or 2 months.


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