Easy Way To Find Your Vocal Range In A Minute

Luk Tung and Mor Lam are among the best singers in the world. They are famous for their extraordinary vocal range. They can play with various tones ranging from high to low. But what is the vocal range, and how to find your vocal range (วิธี หาเสียง ตัว เอง, which is the term in Thai)?

What Does Vocal Range Mean?

If you are a singer, you must be rooted in the physical origins of your voice. Your vocal cords produce sound when they vibrate. Your vocal cords, combined with the size and structure of your resonance chambers, define the range and tone of your voice. Besides, the amount of octaves in your voice indicates the versatility of your style.

How To Determine Your Singing Range?

The vocal range varies from singer to singer.  So, how to find your vocal range? Find your singing range by following these instructions.

  • Get a piano or a virtual piano in the palm of your hand.
  • The piano’s middle C (C4) note should be the lowest one you can find. Sing a note with a constant vowel sound, such as “ah” or “oo.” Find the C4 note and sing it.
  • Using the same method, determine the highest note you can sing. Sing a steady vowel sound from middle C to the highest note you can manage. Find the piano note that corresponds to your voice and record it.
  • Like any other muscle, your voice can improve with time and effort. You may not be able to hit the high C in your favorite song yet, but you will. In the meantime, avoid raising your voice too high if it can create stress in your vocal cords.

Finale Takeaway

As a singer, the most important thing you must do is identify your singing range. Finding the right songs and musical keys for your voice can be challenging if you need to know your coverage. To become a singer, you must learn to identify your vocal range. Therefore, you must learn to harness the potentiality of your voice and use it effectively with proper training. Remember, regular practice is a must to improve your vocal range. Pushing yourself to the edge of your vocal range is the best way to grow it. However, choose an expert to get your training. You can find your distinctive musical style by learning your best vocal notes.

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